Getting Started

Let's kick this off.

The first step with the IF Platform is to get your instance set up and give you access to your Sandbox account. To get an instance and sandbox account please contact us. or join our Slack Channel and speak to us directly!

The Integrated Finance Platform has two completely isolated environments - Sandbox and Production - to provide you with the ability to experiment, implement, test and deliver your final product.

Sandbox Environment

The Sandbox environment is a completely isolated instance of the IF Platform so your configuration and test data will not mix with production data.

The main purpose of the sandbox environment is to get you started, allowing you to implement and test your integration before you roll out the solution to your clients.

For the integrations you get via the IF Platform, your instance will be also connected to your chosen Service Provider’s sandbox/simulation/demo environment.

The base URL of the Sandbox Environment to access the IF API is:

Production (Live) Environment

The Production or Live environment is where your solution is actually put into operation.

For the integrations you get via the IF Platform, your instance will be connected to your Service Provider’s production/live environment. This means any message you send to the IF Platform will be processed as a real-life transaction and will have an effect on your clients. It is therefore critical you make sure everything is working as expected before rolling out your solution to the production environment.

The base URL of the Productive Environment to access the IF API is:

Webhook Configuration

For both your Sandbox and Production environments, we will webhooks for events such as client creation; account creation and updates; transaction creation and updates etc. which you will receive via an URL endpoint. This will be configured on your environment on request and can be changed with relative ease.

Currently, it is only possible to create a single URL endpoint per instance (one for sandbox and one for production), which all webhook types will be sent to. We will share the relevant IP addresses for you to whitelist on your webhook endpoint.

What’s Next